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privacy policy

When operating this website, we respect the privacy of our customers, give due consideration to personal information, and strive to protect it carefully and manage it appropriately.

【Purpose of using personal information】

a) Various communications to provide services tailored to customers' requests.
b) Contact us for answers to your inquiries.
  • We collect personal information necessary for the above purposes by fair and appropriate means.
  • When obtaining personal information that requires consideration, the consent of the person in question must be obtained.
  • We will not use the acquired personal information or sensitive personal information for any purpose other than the purpose without the consent of the individual.
  • We take measures to prevent information leaks and supervise not only employees but also contractors.
  • We will not provide information to third parties in Japan and overseas without the consent of the person himself/herself.
  • We will disclose the information upon request from the person.
  • If the disclosed personal information is different from the fact, we will correct or delete it.
  • We will respond appropriately and promptly to complaints regarding the handling of personal information.
  • The scope of application of this privacy policy is limited to this website.

【About the use of Google Analytics】

In order to provide better services and improve usability, this site uses Google Analytics to collect and analyze data such as the usage status of this site. In that case, Google may collect information such as your IP address through "Cookies", but the information collected by "Cookies" cannot identify an individual.
The data collected is governed by Google's privacy policy.
By using this site, it is assumed that you have consented to the data processing performed by Google and this site for the above methods and purposes.

Google privacy policy

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